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About Us

After nearly 5 years, The Market Grill is back in Monrovia @ Gem City Bar & Grill. After a few successful Burger Takeovers, the fine folks over at Gem City have given us free reign of their kitchen on a permanent basis.
We are honored to serve you all again!

Founded in 2009, The Market Grill started with the idea that the masses deserved a break from the typical "fast food" offerings.
By creating simple yet creative twists to the regular sandwich and burger fare,

our menu is far from typical.

Homemade dressings and spreads, fresh made soups and chili crafted from wholesome ingredients, and fresh ground burgers served on our secret bun recipe are just a few of the ways The Market Grill has gone above and beyond the average quality one expects from a sandwich shop. In addition, our home-style desserts are a throw-back to the classic sweets that evoke memories of a simpler time.
It may seem a bit old fashioned,  but that's what The Market Grill is all about. Come on in and experience "the old fashioned way" for yourself. You'll never look at burgers and sandwiches the same way again.
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